Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Despicable Me" Minion Nails

I was asked to do the Minions from "Despicable Me." Here's what I ended up with :)

First I painted my nails yellow. I knew that I bought yellow nail polish for a good reason :)

OPI - Need Sunglasses?

Next I used a detailer brush. You can buy them at nail places, OR you can just go to Michael's like me and buy a thin brush :)

With that brush I took some blue and painted the overalls.

OPI - Ogre The Top Blue

Now I used my Orly brush, its very thin as you can see and I LOVE THESE THINGS. I use them so much! I used it to paint a black line above the overalls for the glasses strap. I don't have a picture of what the lines look like though, because I forgot :)

Then I used my dotter tool and did two large grey dots to make the goggles.

OPI - Suzi Takes the

Then I created two slightly smaller white dots inside the grey dots.

OPI - Alpine Snow

Now here's the fun part. You add black circles to the white circles to finish off the eyes. Then you use the dotter to create the buttons on the overalls. But the best part is, is that you can create your own original faces and hair. This is what gives them personality. :)

And that's all it is :)